In response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), all our stores are closed. Our mobile service (repairs and deliveries) however remains. It is still possible to sign up for a Swapfiets.

For a fixed monthly fee you get a Swapfiets.

We make sure your Swapfiets always works.

The idea

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Your own Swapfiets bicycle

Free delivery, you decide where and when.

Bicycle broken?

Just get in touch with us (app, phone, mail).

We fix it

Within a day we provide you with a working bicycle at a location chosen by you.

Our promises


Your Swapfiets bicycle always works

And if your Swapfiets bicycle is broken, we ensure that there is a working one at your home within one day.

Lifetime guarantee

As long as you have an active subscription, we will maintain your Swapfiets bicycle and fix everything that is broken.

Great service

We are available between 08:00 and 22:00 and we guarantee top service.

Our bicycle

View which bicycles are available in your city.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get a Swapfiets Bicycle?
Swapfiets bicycles are available in the following cities: (DE) Aachen, Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Freiburg, Göttingen, Halle, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Köln, Leipzig, Mannheim, München, Münster, Oldenburg, (NL) Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda, Delft, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Haarlem, Hengelo, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Utrecht, Zwolle, (BE) Leuven, Gent and Antwerpen.
I am moving to another region with a different price for a subscription. What will happen with my subscription?
The prices of Swapfiets are determined per city. Change of location means a new subscription, where the prices of the new city apply. It might be possible that the price of your new subscription will be different.
What is the minimum duration of the contract?
Our subscription is flexible and can be terminated monthly. We do not charge any deposit or start-up costs. However, the termination period is one month.
Do I need to have my own bicycle?
No, you do not need to have a bicycle of your own. For a fixed monthly fee we provide you with a sturdy Swapfiets bicycle. Then we ensure that your Swapfiets bicycle always works.
How do I order a Swapfiets bicycle?
A Swapfiets bicycle can easily be ordered online. Select the city where you want a Swapfiets bicycle and follow the steps. After placing your order, we make an appointment to deliver your bicycle. You can also pick up your bicycle in some cities. Upon receipt, we adjust the bicycle for you personally so that you can use it immediately.
What happens if somebody steals my bicycle?
Our bicycles are insured against theft. However, in the event that your Swapfiets bicycle is stolen, you pay your €60,00 deductible, provided that your bike was locked properly. The remaining costs are covered by our cycle insurance. Of course we ensure that you will receive new bicycle ASAP.
I’ve seen that the prices have been increased for new customers, will this also apply to my subscription?
The price increase has only been applied to new subscriptions. Old subscriptions will remain at the old price. If we ever raise the price, we will inform you about it as soon as possible.
What happens if my bike breaks down?
If there is something wrong with your bike, we come over to you to repair your bicycle or to swap it for a working one. This is done without extra costs for you.
What is swapping?
What happens if something of your bike breaks down? Then one of our swappers comes over to quickly exchange ('swap') your bicycle with a working one. As a result, you are always assured of a working bicycle and back on the road again in no time. Moreover, we can also carry out minor repairs directly on location.

The new way of cycling.

The subscription that makes you never ever again worry about a broken bicycle.